COVID19: Cyprus soon to lift last of restrictions

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Cyprus will soon be lifting the last COVID restrictions, as authorities are encouraged by a significant drop in daily cases and hospitalisations, according to Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela.

In comments to the Cyprus News Agency on Thursday, the minister said he believes: “If the downward trend recorded by epidemiological data continues, and no new variant appears, then the lifting of all restrictions is near”.

Hadjipantela said he would be meeting with scientists advising the government on handling the coronavirus outbreak next Monday to get their take on how authorities should proceed with lifting more measures.

“We will do what we have been doing so far.

“I will hear what the scientists have to say, and if they suggest further relaxations, then they will be tabled before the cabinet.”

Hadjipantela was asked to comment on whether Cyprus would be lifting all COVID restrictions by 1 May, answering that it would depend on what scientists will have to say.

He said in the past few days; there have been improvements regarding infections and hospitalisations.

“If this continues, then I see us being very near where other countries are”, referring to nations that have scrapped all restrictions.

On Thursday, 157 COVID-19 patients were in state hospitals, while 1,421 infections were identified after 67,206 tests.