Bases police issues Easter banger warning

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A Greek Cypriot man from Xylotymbou will appear before a British Bases court in Dhekelia on May 10 after being arrested for possession of 40 Easter bangers, riding a motorcycle without a license and insurance, testing positive for cocaine and being over the legal alcohol limit.

The SBA Police Community Action Team has increased its presence within the local community in the build-up to Easter, which is a notoriously busy time for officers as the use of illegal bangers becomes widespread.

The man, who was stopped just outside Pyla Village within the bases, is now facing multiple serious charges.

According to Superintendent Andreas Pitsillides, the Deputy Divisional Commander of the SBA Police in Dhekelia, this arrest serves as a warning in the build-up to Easter.

“The SBA Police has conducted several operations in Pyla, Pergamos, Xylotymbou, Ormidhia, Xylophagou and Achna Forest to prevent such illegal activities taking place during the Easter period, especially the use of Easter bangers and other forms of home-made explosives, which are illegal and dangerous.

“We will continue combatting and targeting Easter bangers, anti-social and illegal bonfires within our jurisdiction.

“This will be done with our community leaders, the Cyprus Police, SBA Customs and the UN Police to protect individuals from endangering themselves and others.”

Pitsillides also revealed that his team, alongside Cyprus police, has undertaken a comprehensive education programme within local schools.

“We have conducted several presentations within schools to highlight the consequences of the illegal use of fireworks and Easter bangers and lighting illegal bonfires.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for these offences.

“We are encouraging citizens of the community to work with us and come forward to provide information to the police to combat and eliminate criminal activity of this nature.”