Easter table is 20% more expensive

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Cypriots celebrating a traditional Easter feast at home are paying 20% more to put a spread on the table than last year, said the government’s consumers’ protection service.

In comments to state radio CyBC, the head of the service Antonis Antoniou said a special survey on prices of goods popular with Cypriots on Easter Sunday found stark increases compared to last year.

According to Antoniou, the price of meat this Easter has rocketed by an average of 20% compared to 2021.

“The lowest increase recorded was that of rabbit, which rose 10%, while the highest increase was recorded for mincemeat (pork and beef) which has risen by an average of 38%,” said Antoniou.

Cypriots’ favourite traditional savoury dessert, cheese-filled pastry (flaouna), which may include raisins or garnished with sesame seeds, is also 20% more expensive.

The survey focusing on items found at festive Easter tables found that prices align with inflationary trends recorded in the past few months.

According to a monthly survey of the consumer protection service (March 9 to April 13), the price of tomatoes increased by 60% (€2.89 per kilo), while the cost of meat also increased significantly.

Most pork cuts went up by 13%; whole chickens increased by 16.5%, and chicken breast by 12.4%.

The price of a three-litre brand of sunflower oil (Lesieur) was 19.6%, and another brand (Flora) increased by 7.5%, while the price of pasta climbed up by anything from 6% to 14.2%.

Potatoes are up 18% per kilo to 96 cents compared to last month, with virgin olive oil costing up to 9.3% more.