Easter table 25% more expensive this year

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The Greek Easter table will be 25% more expensive than last year, as the cost has been pushed by increases in lamb, beef, and eggs, according to the Commerce Ministry’s Consumer Protection Service.

It said the price of lamb has increased by an average of 25% compared to Easter 2022.

Lamb pieces are sold at an average of €11.30 per kilo, compared to €9 last year. The average price of a whole lamb is €10.65, up from €8.55.

The price per kilo for local lamb pieces varies between €8.95 – €13.80, recording an increase of 25.45% compared to last year, while for a whole lamb, the price per kilo is between €8.50 – €13.50 with an increase of 24.59%.

A market source told the Financial Mirror that butcheries belonging to major supermarkets are the only ones able to offer prices below €10 per kilo.

“They use this practice to attract more customers over Easter, selling meat at cost, as they can compensate any losses from sales of other products,” said the source.

Retailers and butchers have seen consumers turn to pork as the cost of lamb and beef continues to rise.

The price of local beef has increased by 17.08% compared to last year, with the price of a kilo ranging from €8.50 to €15.99. The corresponding increase in the price per kilo for ground beef is 12.05%.

Rabbit meat also found on Cypriot tables at Easter, has increased by 6.46%, with prices ranging from €8.50 to €11.40.

Chicken breast is slightly more expensive than last year, as prices rise by 1.78%.

An increase of 38.94% is recorded in the price of a dozen medium-sized eggs.

Cypriot Easter delicacy Flaounes, a cheese and raisin-filled pastry, are 4% more expensive, with prices reaching 18 per kilo.

Another Easter favourite, tsoureki, is 3.56% more expensive, as prices reach €8.

These products were found to be more expensive at bakeries than at supermarkets.

Meanwhile, the cost of fresh milk and bread has also shot up compared to last Easter.

The Consumer Protection Service said fresh semi-skimmed milk was 20.4% more expensive than last year, while fresh skimmed milk cost 18.42% more. Full-fat milk is 15.9% more expensive.

The price of white bread has increased by 24.32%. Cooking oil has risen by 24.23%, while olive oil went up by 27%.

Inflationary pressures have pushed up food prices since the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia.

The inflation rate reached 8.1% for 2022, driven by higher energy bills and pump prices.

According to the Cyprus Statistical Service, inflation in March retreated to 5.1%, from 6.7% in February but still historically high.