EU sees window of opportunity for Cyprus

President Nikos Christodoulides received positive signals to his call for more direct EU involvement in Cyprus talks during his contacts in Brussels. Government sources said there was a positive response and that

Steep rise in meth use

Methamphetamine and cocaine use are on the rise in Cyprus, compared to previous years, says a European wastewater analysis report on drug use that included over 100 cities. According to the survey,


Water reserves running low

Cyprus’ water reserves are dangerously low, as the island’s dams are currently recording one of the worst inflows for a decade despite recent storms. Since October, when the rainy season began, water


Cyprus reinforces diplomatic presence

Cyprus’ diplomatic network abroad is being upgraded with the reopening and opening of four embassies in 2023. Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Theodoros Gotsis, said Cyprus’ High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya, reopened in February.

Cyprus signs fast-track ammunitions deal

Cyprus joined EU member states as a signatory to a project led by the European Defence Agency for the collaborative procurement of ammunition. The collaborative procurement of ammunition includes the possibility of


Petrol stations fume over public going north

Petrol station owners warn of strike action if President Nikos Christodoulides does not respond to their calls to discuss what they call the “unacceptable and illegal” purchase of petrol from the Turkish-occupied

Exploring Cyprus housing provisions

The topic of government involvement in housing is contentious, with various opinions and approaches to how housing should be provided and managed. This issue has become of interest in Cyprus due to


A hazardous Cyprus peace odyssey

A senior UN diplomat arrived on the island this week to bolster morale and offer words of support from the secretary general. On her first visit to Cyprus, UN Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo