UN envoy appointment expected soon

President Nikos Christodoulides said he expects that the UN Secretary-General will appoint an envoy who will explore the ground for the resumption of Cyprus talks in the coming days. He also called on Turkey

One-stop shop for shipping

A one-stop-shop shipping centre at the Deputy Ministry of Shipping will be operating next week, starting with the services of the Department of Population Records and Immigration. Shipping Minister Marina Hadjimanolis said

Finance Minister vexed at Cyprus’ shady reputation

Finance Minister Makis Keravnos said it is disturbing that ‘Cyprus Confidential’ investigations continue to present the country as a problematic financial destination. He told journalists after Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting that since it took office in

Cyprus helped 67 Russian oligarchs hide riches

The latest investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) shed light on Russia’s “long-standing hegemony” over Cyprus’ deeply intertwined political and financial worlds. The Cyprus Confidential investigation discloses how 67

59.2% receive higher education

In 2022, 59.2% of the population of Cyprus aged 25 – 34 (42% in the EU) had a tertiary level of educational attainment, according to Eurostat. In 72 out of the 240 NUTS


Dining out becomes challenging

As the cost of living surge takes its toll, keeping up a vibrant social life has become an arduous endeavour, as dining out and ordering food are becoming increasingly elusive luxuries for


Cyprus cat COVID reaches UK

Scientists have found that a coronavirus strain that has killed at least 8,000 cats in Cyprus has spread to the UK. A cat brought to the UK from the Mediterranean island was