Traffic cameras snap 450 violations daily

Some 65,000 fines have been sent to motorists caught violating traffic rules by newly introduced speed cameras, with several thousand more being processed. According to data by US operators Conduent State &

Mobile traffic cam van shot at again

For the second time in less than two weeks, a mobile traffic cam van was attacked in a drive-by shooting, but nobody was hurt. The attack happened on Monday night when the

Police in the dark over speed cam shooting

Police are still hunting for the shooter who aimed at a mobile traffic camera van injuring two employees on duty. The suspect is wanted for double attempted murder, with authorities still in

Traffic cameras at ‘high-risk’ junctions

Cyprus will increase its traffic camera network, with mobile and fixed cameras installed at accident blackspots and frequent speed limit violations. In comments to Phileleftheros daily, the assistant director of the Police

Traffic camera network cancels 11,000 fines  

Cyprus’ traffic camera network has run into a brick wall, as operators decided to recall 11,000 fines after admitting that cameras did not produce clear photos to identify offending vehicles. Transport Minister

Traffic cameras bogged down by complaints

Cyprus’ newly introduced traffic camera network operators cannot clear a backlog of 45,000 fines while offenders complain of being slapped with excessive penalties. So far, the four fixed cameras at a busy

Traffic camera operators swamped by fines

Cyprus’ traffic camera network was to be boosted with 16 more mobile and 20 fixed cameras installed in  April, but operators are trapped under a penalty backlog. The traffic camera operators, Conduent

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