COVID19: Why bake bread when a conspiracy theory will do

2 mins read

I’m not feeling it at all. I’m not sensing the solidarity for our frontline workers in Cyprus or the love for our healthcare heroes sent out to fight an invisible enemy without fullscale protection.

It appears like we are being told to stay home and wash our hands like naughty children.

Seemingly, we can’t be trusted to behave with caution when venturing outside which is why we only get one go at it a day.

The last time I looked Cyprus hadn’t done a crafty Cyprexit from the European Union but where is the solidarity from Brussels, what are they doing for us?

Where is the medical support or the financial funding lifeline to keep our stricken economy afloat on a fiscal raft?

I’m not hearing words of comfort or deeds that warm the cockles of the heart.

Generic slogans and carefully crafted political messages try to make us believe they are holding the right end of the stick in Brussels.

Commission boss Von der Leyen is wheeled out to give her social media spiel in a sombre tone, muttering “we will get through this together” and “stay strong”.

Tell that to the Spanish and the Italians dying in their hundreds every day, what is the “we are all in this together” mantra doing for them in hospitals seeping with the coronavirus death stench.

Europe has got our back so much, that the Cyprus government had to send a charter flight to China to bring much-needed supplies back while Greece has also helped out in ferrying medical equipment.

The EU is still trying to get a strategy together while the poor die in their droves, as they are the most exposed to economies only running on essential services such as transport, food, health and communication.

This may be considered harsh criticism, for an unprecedented pandemic that has swept the globe, crushing even the most wealthy and advanced economies.

Certainly, there are enough conspiracy theories blaming it on the freemasons, a biological weapon that went wrong or radiation from 5G that weakens our immune system and allows COVID-19 to spread.

Fear and ignorance

I know staying at home is a chore, but the overriding reason is to stay safe or meditate into a better person, not indulge in mumbo jumbo conspiracy theories that defy logic.

Why do something productive when you can cultivate fear through ignorance about a world slowly going off the rails.

Blame the capitalists, rogue states, superpowers or big pharma for deliberately unleashing a pandemic on us.

Presumably, the bad guys are withholding a cure until enough of us get sick to miraculously produce a vaccine (which they already have) to make a shedload of mullah.

You can conjure similar batshit crazy unproven theories at home then share them on social media, instead of homemade recipes for baking bread doing the rounds.

Who said staying home was safe during this deadly corona health crisis, it simply makes your mind susceptible to fake news, scary views and ideas more dangerous than the virus.

People like to believe the unprovable, but there is also a lack of compassion and respect for our healthcare heroes or ordinary people serving customers in kiosks, chemists, supermarkets and bakeries.

These are the working-class idols we should be applauding to show appreciation in helping us endure this nightmare.

They are risking their lives to serve, keep us healthy and ensure a sense of community still thrives despite selfish morons who breach social distancing rules.

Where is the government taking the lead in making us feel a sense of togetherness, why aren’t ministers standing out in the streets applauding our health service staff.

There should be medals for supermarket cashiers, hospital cleaners, nurses, police officers trying to keep us in check, everyone has a part to play.

Instead, there is a sense that all we have to do is baton down the hatches, stay home, trust the authorities have a handle on this pandemic and wait to be told when it’s safe to come out.

Although there are many among us who don’t have a choice but to fight the good fight and if they fall ill, society doesn’t want to know.

For the next few weeks stick to the rules, stay safe, stay home to save the health system and our normal way of life.

Having said that, normal will have to be redefined somewhere down the line.