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Halloumi PDO remains political prisoner

Registering halloumi as a product of protected designation of origin (PDO) has languished for over five years in EU corridors due to Cyprus problem politics. An EU representative said the registration of


Historic day for East Med Gas Forum

Seven founding members of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) signed Tuesday during an online ceremony the statute establishing the body as a regional intergovernmental forum based in Cairo. EMGF founding members


Turkish Lira crashes to lowest point

The Turkish Lira hit an unprecedented low against the euro during the week with ECB reporting a closing price of one euro to 8.90 Turkish Lira while trading platform recorded a

France backs Turkey sanctions as an option

Brussels must be ready to activate all its tools including sanctions against Turkey, in response to Ankara’s aggression in the Eastern Mediterranean, France’s visiting Europe Minister Clément Beaune said Friday. After meeting