Japan nationalism fades as economic woes dominate

By Linda Sieg Japan's flirtation with nationalism is fading with its faltering economy, and with policymakers focused more on soothing consumers' worries than fostering patriotism, ties with Asian rival China are likely

Ageing Japan gets serious about immigration

By Isabel Reynolds Jakarta nurse Yanti Kartina left her family in Indonesia and joined 200 other nurses moving to Japan where a rapidly growing elderly population has created a desperate need for

Nanny Brown’s bad year

A review of Gordon Brown’s rocky first year as PM British politics can be pretty obscure but sometimes it's worth taking stock to see what matters because the UK still punches above

EDITORIAL: Does Syria care?

Cyprus still concerned about ferry line Cyprus’ continued absence in regional politics has now started to affect the economy, with the first blow to the tourism industry being felt from the trickling

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