Economics can set you free

. Adam Smith discovered the economics that make people better off, but he is not a household name, unlike Newton or Einstein. This very accessible article explains why Smith’s basically simple tenets

By Daniel Flynn

By Daniel Flynn Greece is locking hundreds of migrants in an overcrowded centre on the Mediterranean island of Lesbos without proper sanitation and medical care in what French charity Medicins Sans Frontiers

Moscow living 1-1/2 times pricier than NY

Currency factors also play a role Moscow is the world's priciest city for expatriate workers and is almost 1-1/2 times as expensive as New York, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Madrid, a report on

Cyprus Exports More Water Than It Imports

GUEST COMMENT  By Dr. Jim Leontiades Cyprus International Institute of Management Importing water is expensive. The current commitment to bring water from Greece will cost Cyprus some 40 million euros. It must

Trade and growth: weep not for Doha

GUEST COMMENT WASHINGTON — The Doha Round of multilateral trade talks has already died a thousand deaths. But, apart from the bureaucracies in Geneva, Brussels and Washington, few are grieving. That’s because

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