More rain and snow

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A low-pressure system currently prevailing mainly in the northeastern part of the island, pushing temperatures down this week will be mellowing out over the weekend, only to be replaced by another cold spell on Monday.

Friday’s weather forecast included predominantly overcast skies with scattered showers and the potential for isolated thunderstorms.

Temperatures on Friday reached a maximum 13 degrees centigrade inland, 16C on the coast and 10C in the mountains.

Mountainous areas may experience snowfall, as the lowest temperatures will drop[ to freezing level and will be hovering around 0 degrees, adding to the chilly weather the island is experiencing for the first time this winter.

Wind patterns are slated to play a pivotal role, originating mainly from the northwest to the north, exhibiting a moderate strength of approximately 4 Beaufort. At times, these winds may escalate to a robust 5 Beaufort; however, a subsequent calming is anticipated, reducing to a breezy 3 to 4 Beaufort by the afternoon.

Maritime conditions are expected to be turbulent, particularly in the southern areas.

As the evening approaches, showers are expected to fall in the inland and the coast.

Looking ahead to Saturday, the atmospheric pattern is expected to remain relatively stable, characterised by intermittent cloud cover and consistent temperatures.

Sunday will be partly cloudy with isolated showers on the cards for the inland and the coast and more snow for the mountains.

Subsequently, temperatures are projected to dip below the seasonal average.

Temperatures from Monday will drop close to 10C, remaining low until mid-week, when things will be looking up again. Scattered showers are also on the menu for early next week.

The public is advised to stay vigilant to changing weather conditions as we progress through the weekend and enter the initial phase of the upcoming week, said the island’s met office.