Limassol taser gun robber strikes thrice

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Three kiosks in Limassol fell prey to a robber armed with a knife and a taser gun in the early hours of Wednesday.

Within three hours, according to police, three kiosks in Central Limassol were robbed, with the force on the hunt for a specific suspect they had identified.

The 26-year-old suspect is understood to have been caught on a CCTV circuit, and there are eyewitness accounts from all three crime scenes where a total of €465 was taken.

The robberies occurred between 1 and 4 am on Wednesday in the areas of Mesa Yitonia and Panthea, but nobody was injured during the crime.

According to testimonies, the perpetrator was armed with a knife and a taser gun, while he managed to extract sums of money of €50, €350, and €65 from the three kiosks.

Investigations are ongoing by the Limassol police, who later released images of the wanted person.