Limassol forest fire under control

Authorities said the wildfire that raged in Akrounta, Limassol, over the weekend was completely under control Monday after two days of firefighting. Light rain in the area on Sunday afternoon helped, assisting

A wake-up call on the streets of Limassol

Ironically, the one time the police took right-wing extremist violence seriously, the protestors didn’t turn up, and those non-Cypriot-looking people told to stay indoors could come out of hiding. Although the left


Limassol hosts M&Ι Europe Summer forum

Limassol will host the M&I Europe Summer 2023 forum from August 30 to September 2, bringing together over 300 service and product providers in conferences and events, plus tourist incentives. The event’s

Fire reignites in Limassol, fears of high winds

Firefighting forces have been mobilised at the frontline of the fire in the Limassol district following a rekindling in the Apesia area. According to information from the coordinating centre in Apsiou, ground

Limassol wildfire finally under control

The massive Limassol wildfire was brought under control on Monday, with authorities informing evacuees that they could return home, as the fire was stopped just metres away from the village of Apsiou.

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