ChatGPT in top 10, overtakes Netflix in web traffic

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ChatGPT, the chatbot developed by OpenAI, has seen its popularity rise drastically since its launch in November 2022, reaching the top ten most visited websites, according to a survey.

Data acquired by Finbold indicates that between June and August 2023 an estimated average of 1.51 bln monthly website visits were recorded to Chat.openai.com.

The figure places ChatGPT in the ninth overall among the top ten websites by visits with the artificial intelligence (AI) platform ahead of the streaming giant Netflix, which registered 1.49 bln trips during the same period.

“The digital landscape is currently witnessing a battle for online supremacy, marked by a notable twist brought about by the emergence of AI. Several digital products that harness AI are experiencing substantial growth, challenging the dominance of traditional players,” explained Finbold news editor Justinas Baltrusaitis.

Meanwhile, Google.com, the Alphabet-owned search engine, continues to dominate the digital arena with a staggering 85.41 bln visits. Following closely behind is YouTube, with 33.56 bln visits. Facebook, a product of Meta, secures third position overall with 17.2 bln, while Instagram occupies the fourth spot at 6.68 bln. X (formerly Twitter) holds steady with 6.48 bln visits.

Other websites on the top ten list include Wikipedia.com (4.41 bln), Yahoo.com (3.65 bln), and Amazon.com (2.46 bln).

Drivers of ChatGPT growth 

The Finbold research explored some of the factors driving the meteoric rise in the ChatGPT website visit numbers.

“ChatGPT’s website places the platform among the fastest-growing entities on the internet, considering it less than a year since its launch. Indeed, OpenAI launched the tool at a point when other established traditional players held back due to the uncertainty associated with interactive AI platforms, such as the potential harm it could cause, like spreading misinformation or hate speech.

“What distinguishes ChatGPT is its remarkable ability to deliver personalised and diverse content recommendations, answer inquiries, provide comprehensive explanations, and even aid in creative endeavours such as writing, coding, and idea generation.”

The astonishing surge in website traffic for ChatGPT is a compelling testament to the transformative power of AI that’s likely to shape the digital space, Finbold’s Baltrusaitis concluded.