Tourism revenue jumps 27%

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Revenue from tourism recorded an increase of 26.9% for the first seven months to July, compared to the same period in 2022, according to official data.

Tourism income up to July is estimated at €1.54 bln from the €1.21 bln generated in the same period last year.

Tourist spending has increased every month of this year compared to 2022.

In July alone, revenue reached €454.6 mln, up from €381.7 mln in the same month last year, recording an increase of 19.1%.

The average expenditure per person was €867.96 in July compared to €839.50 in July 2022, recording an increase of 3.4%.

The biggest spenders per capita were tourists from the Netherlands, with €1,165.20, while the most frugal were visitors from Greece, with €380.56.

UK visitors (the largest tourist market with a 33.6% share in July) spent on average €94.23 per day, while tourists from Israel (the second largest market with 12.4%) spent on average €135.44 daily.

On average, tourists from Poland (the third largest market with 5.5%) spent €78.66 per day.

The biggest daily expenditure was made by tourists from Lebanon, with €162.52, but their duration of stay in Cyprus was the shortest (5.8 days).

On the contrary, tourists from Greece made the smallest daily expenditure at €35.90 but were among the longest stayers (10.6 days).

In July, the average length of stay was nine days (from 9.5 in July 2022), and the daily average spend was €96.44 (up from €88.37).