Short heatwave to return

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Maximum temperatures are expected to rise over the weekend and continue into Monday as the hot weather exceeds 40 degrees Celsius inland.

Cyprus has had a slight respite from extreme heat after the longest recorded 16-day heatwave endured in July.

But after Monday, temperatures are expected to drop later next week to the seasonal average for August, the Cyprus Department of Meteorology told CNA.

Panayiotis Georgiou’s maximum temperatures are expected to reach 38C inland, 31C-33 in coastal areas, and 30C in the higher mountains.

However, the temperature is expected to start rising from Saturday, and it is likely to surpass 40C inland on Sunday, perhaps even Monday, but a drop is expected after that.

Georgiou said the weather will be mostly clear, perhaps with increased clouds and winds on the coast, mainly in southern coastal areas.

There are fluctuations in humidity, mainly on the coast, between 60-70% and 20-30% inland.