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UK bases marine unit saves family

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A father and his two sons were rescued from the water off Ormidhia by British Bases Police Marine Unit after their boat broke free of its anchor and drifted away.

Bases police issued a statement Tuesday saying that Marine Unit officers confirmed that a 13-year-old boy was rescued in a disoriented state after his father had swum after the boat.

Officers then rescued the boy’s father, who suffered from exhaustion after failing to retrieve the drifting vessel.

Shortly after,  another boy, aged 16, was also rescued in good health from the water, along with their boat – a four-metre ridged inflatable.

Sgt Kikis Sofocleous, the Marine Unit officer in charge of the July 13 rescue, said: “The individuals rescued were fortunate, and if the Marine Unit did not intervene in time, there was a strong likelihood that the successful outcome could have been very different.”

“One of the main priorities of the Marine Unit is to respond to any incident to save a life.

“We urge people to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety and the safety of others accompanying them whilst out at sea and consult the weather forecast before engaging in any sea-related activities.”