Limassol bomber on electric scooter

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A 32-year-old man has reportedly admitted being the contract bomber behind seven recent attacks in Limassol, allegedly admitting to delivering “orders” on an electric scooter.

Following the man’s arrest, Limassol Police believe they are now closer to finding the instigator behind the attacks, which included an Israeli businessman living in the coastal city as well as a fan club of a football team.

Allegedly the suspect said he was paid €1,000 for the first bomb and €300 for the ones that followed.

He alleged learning to make improvised explosive devices from the internet.

The man was remanded for eight days in police custody on Thursday.

Police located the man after being tipped off that an object shaped like a bomb was seen outside a kindergarten in Agios Tychonas in Limassol.

Arriving at the scene, officers did not find the object but spotted a similar one in the suspect’s car.

Searching the man’s car, the officers found a homemade bomb they believed he planned to use in an attack over the weekend.

An electric scooter was also found in the boot of the car. The man was found hiding in a nearby house.

CCTV footage retrieved by officers showed the perpetrator approach the targets on an electric scooter after parking his cars a short distance from them.

Upon getting on the scooter, he would wear a mask and flee the area after dropping the bomb.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a second man in connection to the bombings, following evidence involving him in the case.

A 31-year-old suspect, also from Limassol, was being questioned by police Friday.