Police in the dark over gangland hit

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One month on, police are still in the dark over a suspected gangland murder of Christos Charilaou, 39, who was killed outside his house in Parekklisia, Limassol.

Police have found no leads in the case, as no key evidence has emerged.

Reports say investigators have taken over 100 statements from family members, friends, and the victim’s work environment.

Charilaou’s mafia-style execution remains unsolved, with police discovering the victim had run-ins with a number of people.

Even the forensic results from the crime scene have not shed any light on the case.

From the evidence examined, no genetic material appears to be found. Scientific tests on the remaining evidence are expected to be completed soon.

Police sources are displeased with the court denying a request to examine the victim’s telecommunication data to establish if he contacted anyone before he was shot.

The only lead officers have is that Charilaou told family members he believed he was being watched but never expressed fears for his life.

Police are keeping the case open, continuing their investigations, and looking into any information they come upon.

Investigators have viewed CCTV footage from a wider radius of the scene of the murder without luck.

However, the investigators appear convinced that the assassin arrived at the scene on foot and left again on foot.

This is reinforced by statements of residents of the area, as no lights or noise from a vehicle or motorcycle leaving the scene was heard.

The murder occurred on June 10, just before midnight, as the victim returned home.

Officers received information at about 11.45 pm on the night of the killing that shots had been fired outside a home in the Limassol village.

Dispatched police officers found Charilaou dead outside his home.

Charilaou was shot as he exited his car after returning to bring food for the family.

His wife and two young children were in the house at the time of the attack.

He had been shot three times from a 20 to 30-metre distance, with the shooter believed to have been hiding behind a carob tree.

Charilaou suffered wounds to the arms, legs and chest; medical examiners said the shot to his chest was fatal.

The mafia-style execution awakened memories of the gangland murder of Andros Rodotheou, who was shot dead on April 12, 2017, by a man believed to be a professional assassin.

Rodotheou was shot from a distance while visiting a friend in Gerasa, Limassol.

Phileleftheros daily quotes police sources saying officers suspect the shooter could be the same person.

No shell casings were found at the scene of Charilaou’s murder, as in the killing of Rodotheou.

Police believe the hitman was a professional, placing a special net on the gun to collect casings as he fired.