PRESIDENT: Cyprus-US relations touch new heights

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Cypriot-US relations have reached new heights and are no longer viewed, either by Washington or Nicosia, solely through the lens of the Cyprus problem, said President Nikos Christodoulides.

He attended the July 4 reception hosted by US Ambassador Julie Fisher, where he urged partners “to share our vision and help us realise the dream of a reunified free Cyprus”.

In his address at Thursday’s event at the old University of Cyprus campus, Christodoulides called it an all-encompassing strategic partnership that has produced achievements in security, cooperation in science and technology, joint military drills, establishing the CYCLOPS training centre and protecting cultural heritage.

“Cyprus and the United States have come together, and will continue to do so, time and time again, in the fight against terrorism, human trafficking, illegal drugs trafficking and the proliferation of weapons,” said Christodoulides.

“Looking to the future of our partnership and building on the important work that has been done, there is a joint vision and determination to further deepen ties in a manner that is also tangible and visible to our citizens’ everyday lives.

“These steps will also benefit tourism, education, business and investment collaborations between Cyprus and the United States.”

On the Cyprus problem, the President of the Republic said that “our top priority in Cyprus and one we pursue with a sense of urgency is to end the unacceptable status quo on the island caused by the Turkish invasion of 1974 and to create a better future for all Cypriots Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite, Latino.

“We will continue to strive for the freedom we deserve, for reunification.

“As we celebrate the founding of a great nation, which chose its independence by ending colonialism, we also remind ourselves of the similarities with Cyprus, with the path chosen by the American people.

“The path to freedom is one that holds a special meaning in Cyprus and one we have never had the fortune of taking for granted.

“Freedom is a word pregnant with meaning and aspiration here in Cyprus, a dream we are trying to build in everything we do.”