Young teacher arrested for molesting children

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A 25-year-old high school supply teacher was remanded in custody for eight days on alleged child porn charges on Friday, while evidence emerged he sexually harassed students by sending them explicit content.

The teacher was arrested following a complaint filed by a parent, claiming he had shared inappropriate content with a student.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou told the Cyprus News Agency the male educator was detained on suspicion of possessing or acquiring child pornography, attempting to molest children for sexual purposes, sexually abusing a child and stalking.

Christou confirmed police first detained the man following accusations that he shared sexually explicit content with a minor.

“Investigations following the arrest have revealed that the teacher may be involved in another four cases of sexual harassment against students,” said Christou.

He did not want to provide any details except the suspect’s gender and age, noting this is a sensitive case as it involves minors.

Reportedly, the suspect had been sending inappropriate messages, such as posts depicting minors in sexually explicit acts.

Christou said that investigators confiscated a mobile phone, two laptop computers, two hard discs, and a USB stick during a home search.

As reported, investigators found child pornography material on his devices.

The gender of the alleged victims has not been disclosed either.

Investigations are being carried out by the force’s Electronic Crime Prosecution Department.