Defence Ministry to buy Mistral missiles

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Cyprus has signed a letter of intent for the joint acquisition of infrared-homing short-range French anti-aircraft missiles Mistral.

The Ministers of Defence of France, Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Andreas Louka, co-signed the Letter of Intent.

The French Embassy Tweeted: “Defending Europe’s skies can only be achieved through European industrial solutions.

“We are delighted to sign a letter of intent with Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary and Estonia for the joint acquisition of Mistral missiles.”

According to the Ministry of Defence, Louka visited the 54th Paris International Air and Space Exhibition (Le Bourget).

After visiting the Le Bourget, Louka signed the Letter of Intent for a joint supply of Mistral anti-aircraft missiles at the Hotel des Invalides in Paris.

Louka also participated in the Conference on European Air Defence, held at the level of Defence Ministers.

The purpose of the Conference was to exchange views regarding the strategic aspects of protecting Europe from air and missile threats.

In his intervention, Louka said that Europe must improve its air defence capabilities against aerial threats in an approach that will include all European states.

He also argued for the European defence industry’s participation to the maximum extent possible to reduce dependencies in this sensitive sector, strengthening European autonomy.

He pointed out that it is in this context that the Republic of Cyprus is participating in the joint Mistral program.

Louka met with officials of the Ministry of Defence of France and the Ministry of Defence of the State of Israel, discussing matters of mutual interest.