One-stop shop for shipping

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A one-stop-shop shipping centre at the Deputy Ministry of Shipping will be operating next week, starting with the services of the Department of Population Records and Immigration.

Shipping Minister Marina Hadjimanolis said the purpose of the Deputy Ministry is to gradually expand the services of the Centre so that all transactions with government departments and services related to shipping can be handled.

Every Monday, the Centre, which will operate in the offices of the Deputy Ministry in Limassol, will receive applications for which physical presence is required to obtain biometric data for the issuance of registration certificates for EU citizens employed in Cyprus, as well as from shipping companies.

The Centre will accept applications for residence cards from family members of EU citizens who are not themselves citizens of the bloc.

It will also receive applications for issuing and renewing permits for temporary distribution and employment in Cyprus of third-country nationals employed by shipping companies and for arranging the residence of family members of third-country nationals employed by shipping companies.

Hadjimanolis said the service would concern all shipping companies and those whose activities are related to shipping and based in Cyprus.

The project is implemented closely with the Department of Population Records and Migration of the Interior Ministry, which has provided the necessary know-how, IT equipment and personnel.

Currently, companies have to make an appointment with the Civil Registry Department and travel to Nicosia to carry out these transactions, which may not be completed in a single day.

The ultimate goal of the Centre is the expansion of issues related to shipping so that all transactions that fall under the competence of other government departments and ministries are carried out from the same point.

“We support the shipping industry, a development pillar significantly contributing to the country’s GDP.

“We launch policies and actions that serve our strategy to provide quality services”, said Hadjimanolis.