Cyprus backs International Coalition against ISIS

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Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos has assured that Cyprus remains firmly committed to global and regional efforts to prevent and counter all forms of radicalisation and violent extremism.

He intervened in the Ministerial Meeting of the International Coalition against Daesh/ISIS on Thursday in Riyadh.

According to a government statement, the meeting was co-organised by the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia and the US Secretary of State, focusing on coordinating international efforts to combat terrorism.

Kombos said Cyprus has repeatedly offered and provided its infrastructure to Coalition members to conduct operations against Daesh.

He added his country is ready to explore further possible avenues of cooperation with all partners in support of stabilisation efforts and specific development programmes linked to addressing the problems caused by ISIS/Daesh actions.

In this context, he also expressed readiness to offer all partners the training opportunities provided by the Cyprus Center for Land Open-seas and Port Security (CYCLOPS), recently established in cooperation with the US Government.

The Foreign Minister specifically referred to financing terrorist activities through the illicit trafficking and sale of cultural items.

He underled the “Nicosia Convention on Offences Related to Cultural Property” – signed during the Cyprus Chair of the Council of Europe in 2017 – is the only international treaty that specifically addresses the criminalisation of illicit trafficking of cultural goods, and encouraged all coalition partners to participate in this important convention.