Helicopters, drones for election security

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Police will deploy helicopters and drones to ensure that Presidential elections run smoothly on Sunday.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said around 2000 officers would be deployed during the day along with helicopters to ensure security.

He said police officers would be present in every polling station.

At the same time, motorized patrols will be conducted outside polling stations and other sites related to the elections.

Increased security measures will also be taken during the counting of the votes, while the transportation of ballot boxes will be done under police escort and monitored from the air.

Andreou said helicopters would transfer ballot boxes from remote areas, while drones would also be used when needed.

A Centre for Crisis Management will operate at the Police Headquarters in Nicosia, with operation centres in all police district command offices for better coordination.

The Chief of police and all other high-ranking police officers will be on duty.

“Our mission is to safeguard the smooth and unhindered conduct of the elections and that law and order are maintained, as well as the safety of citizens to whom our members will assist,” said Andreou.

Polling stations open at 7 am and close at 6 pm.