Secure your home while on holiday

During any holiday season, especially the summer, many people go on vacation for an extended period, with complete neighbourhoods practically empty, so there is no protection of your property from prying eyes.


Minister in US to seal security agreement

Defence Minister Michalis Georgallas is in the United States to sign an agreement to integrate Cyprus’ National Guard into the State Partnership Programme (SPP). Turkey has denounced the defence training deal between


Cyprus-UK sign maritime safety, security MoU

Cyprus and Britain have signed a shipping agreement that will lead to a “greater partnership” on maritime safety and security and enhance cooperation on climate change issues. The memorandum of understanding (MoU)

Helicopters, drones for election security

Police will deploy helicopters and drones to ensure that Presidential elections run smoothly on Sunday. Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said around 2000 officers would be deployed during the day along with helicopters

Protecting your property

Although Cyprus is considered a safe country and perhaps the safest in the EU, the real estate market has begun to pay increased attention to security, which increases the value of a

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