Ukraine solidarity low among Cypriots

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European Union citizens remain steadfast in confirming the EU’s backing for Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, with 74% approving of this support except in Cyprus.

According to the European Parliament’s Autumn 2022 Eurobarometer survey, support for Ukraine varies between member states, with Cyprus ranking fourth from the bottom of the list (53%).

Greece and Bulgaria share the lowest levels of solidarity with Ukraine (48%).

The highest support levels were recorded in Sweden (97%), Finland (95%), the Netherlands (93%), Portugal (92%), and Denmark (92%).

Support for concrete measures taken by the EU – such as sanctions against the Russian government or financial, military, or humanitarian support to Ukraine – continues to be equally high at 73%.

Cyprus – which has a large Russian diaspora — is third from the bottom, with 48%, while Greece is the last country, with 46%.

Asked which values the European Parliament should defend as a matter of priority, democracy (36%) is mentioned most frequently, followed by the protection of human rights (29%) and freedom of speech and thought (28%).

Most respondents in divided Cyprus said the European Parliament should focus on human rights (44%).

The survey also shows that the impact of the Russian war in Ukraine is felt clearly by Europeans.

Because of the war and its consequences, nearly two-thirds of EU citizens believe their life will change (65%), which is an increase of 4 percentage points compared to April/May 2022.

At the same time, citizens see the real value of being part of the EU, with 72% of Europeans saying that their country has benefited from being a member.

The corresponding percentage in Cyprus is close to the EU average, at 68%.

The European Parliament’s Autumn 2022 Eurobarometer was carried out by Kantar between 12 October and 7 November in all 27 EU member states.