Number of merchants using Google Pay up 91%

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Google Pay solution, the mobile payments app introduced in 2020, has recorded a 91% increase in the number of merchants using its platform in the last two years, according to a survey by TradingPlatforms.com .

“T2P technology is quickly becoming mainstream and with more businesses embracing Google Pay, consumers are increasingly looking for new ways to pay,” said TradingPlatform’s financial analyst Edith Reads commenting on the findings.

“The shift towards tap-to-pay technology is further supported by the fact that customers find it easier and safer than traditional payment methods.”

Contactless Payments

With Covid-19 now a part of everyday life, customers are increasingly opting for contactless payments using their phones. This is due to the safety factor it provides versus physical cards, which necessitate users to provide their card numbers and PINs.

Additionally, customers don’t have to worry about carrying multiple cards now that they can store all their cards in the Google Pay wallet and use them at checkout.

Google Pay solutions are also growing in mobile commerce, with shoppers accessing deals and promotions from the comfort of their homes. This has led to an increase in shoppers using the platform who want to make online payments quickly and securely.