Backlog of court cases will take five years

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Even with the implementation of the justice reform bills, it will take four to five years for the courts to clear the backlog of pending cases.

But if parliament passes the various justice reform bills, delivering justice will be speeded up and improve the island’s poor reputation for huge delays.

Supreme Court President Antonis Latsios and House speaker Annita Demetriou discussed the debilitating backlog of court cases Friday.

The two met at the Supreme Court and expressed their readiness for cooperation to properly implement the reforms to restore public confidence.

Demetriou said: “Together we must meet this great challenge, this great modernisation that the justice sector needs.”

She said parliament has already moved forward with legislative and constitutional amendments for provisions that should be changed.

“The aim is justice to be granted immediately and effectively, always in full respect of the Constitution and the institutions.”

Liatsos expressed his gratitude for Demetriou’s visit, noting it was the first time a House speaker had visited the Supreme Court.

“This visit takes place at a crucial time, marking the beginning of implementing what the reform laws provide.”

Liatsos expressed his conviction that the Supreme Court will have the support of parliament in whatever it needs and assured society that judges will successfully play the difficult role that has been assigned to them.

He said the Supreme Court and Parliament would move within the framework of their different roles as defined by the Constitution, respecting the separation of powers.

Liatsos said the reform’s main target is decreasing the key problem of delayed cases, which he believes will take five years before the backlog is overcome.