Police reform locked away

With about 5,000 officers, one would expect Cyprus police to be better equipped, with the right personnel, to anticipate, if not to deter, the double underworld killings, one of which could have


Justice system reform is paramount

Our protests about the non-functional common expenses law and related legal disputes are known and expressed through personal visits/interviews with ministers, Parliament and others. While the issue is very serious, and its


Cracks in the thin blue line

The police are in the spotlight again, with accusations of foul play in the investigation of recent murders, the lack of thorough work in earlier cases and a general absence of officers


Justice reform catching up, are police?

Justice reform, a long-overdue process to slash legal proceedings by half the time and decongest the courts, is begrudgingly getting underway, but Cypriots have lost confidence and trust in public institutions. Historical

MPs urged to vote for justice reform

Justice Minister Stephie Dracos argued that Cyprus’ notoriously slow justice system would be fast-tracked provided MPs passed three much-needed reform bills reshaping the court system. The three bills tabled by Dracos’ ministry

Education reform is not fast enough

The new generation is facing huge changes, at home and abroad. It becomes more imperative to answer the following questions in an ever-changing world: is education at the level we all wish

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