Global index ranks Cyprus justice 18

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The Cyprus criminal justice system ranks 18 from 140 globally after going up two places on the respected international survey World Justice Project that Norway topped.

The index covers issues related to the rule, corruption and adverse discrimination, absence of government interventions and fair justice.

The Supreme Court described it as a success as the criminal justice system had risen from 20th place in 2021. However, regionally it was ranked 13 from 31.

Regarding civil justice (lawsuits), Cyprus was ranked 38 from 36 in 2021.

“This demonstrates once again the need for reforms and changes which the Supreme Court is promoting in cooperation with the executive power, the House of Representatives and the Cyprus Bar Association, to deal with the large volume of old cases that have accumulated, causing problematic delays.

“The effect of this result of the delays in the administration of civil justice is obvious since, based on the relevant criterion, Cyprus ranks very low in the table, while the other indicators are satisfactory.

“The problem emerges through long delays,” said the Supreme Court.

Cyprus also scored lower for impartiality, due process and absence of corruption.

The World Justice Project, an independent international organisation to promote the principles of the rule of law, is the largest global interdisciplinary platform.

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