Standing up to the bullies

MPs have launched an anti-bullying campaign to legally clamp down on thugs in the workplace, school playgrounds and the army. A bill before parliament seeks to criminalise bullying and abusive behaviour in


Early pension penalty slashed for some

The government plans to drastically reduce or waive a 12% penalty on early pensions if the retiree has contributed at least 40 years of work and contributions at 63, up from the

Four-day week gaining traction

The four-day week is gaining traction, as civil servants’ union PASYDY has officially tabled a demand to test drive the idea during the summer in a meeting with the Finance Ministry last


Cypriot women bullied out of work

Cypriot women are being mobbed out of their jobs after giving birth, during pregnancy, or after turning down sexual advances, as legislation does not protect them, said Law Commissioner Louiza Christodoulidou Zannetou.

Cyprus lacks work-life balance

The Commission has decided to send a reasoned opinion to 11 countries, including Cyprus, for failing to nationally transpose EU rights on Work-Life Balance for parents and carers. The process could result


ChatGPT opens door to four-day week

Rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence technology with the introduction of ChatGPT could revolutionise the workplace by opening the door to a four-day week and boosting productivity, said Cypriot Nobel Prize winner Sir

Flexible hours for civil servants to ease traffic

The House passed legislation tweaking public servants’ working hours, proposed by the Transport Ministry to alleviate traffic congestion in urban centres during rush hour. According to the changes, civil servants can now

Benefits of four-day work week

In July and August 2022, PwC Cyprus implemented the four-day working week for the first time, thus extending by one day (Friday) the employees’ free personal time. This targeted action falls within


Hospital staff stage work stoppage

State hospital staff went on a two-hour strike on Tuesday to exert pressure on the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) to renew collective agreements with employees whose contracts have expired. It comes

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