One in 4 businesses faced cyber-attacks

Around one in four businesses have faced some form of cyber-attack, according to the Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (CITEA). A new initiative, the CITEA INDEX, also measures how well companies adapt

Cypriots worried about future

Cypriots are concerned about the course of the country and the European Union, according to the latest regular Eurobarometer. Some 52% of Cypriots are not satisfied with how democracy works in the country


Government failed to make COVID grade

Cypriots’ trust in government reached rock bottom during the pandemic, as they were disappointed with authorities’ response to coronavirus. According to Eurofound’s latest survey, public trust towards the government during the pandemic

Most work-related deaths in construction

Most fatal work-related accidents in Cyprus take place in the Construction sector due to a fall from height, according to an official study. The study investigates all work-related accidents over 20 years in Cyprus

SMEs must smarten up against cybercrime

The biggest cybercrime problems faced by Cypriot small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the last 12 months were phishing, account takeover or impersonation attacks (16%), higher than the EU average (11%), according

Cyprus banks struggling to regain trust

Cyprus banks have been struggling to regain public trust since the 2013 financial crisis, according to the latest Stockwatch survey of some 600 households. News site Stockwatch’s latest survey, conducted three times