Cyprus needs more than branding

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Businesses must improve if they want to exploit the government’s ‘Cyprus Made’ campaign to rebrand the island as a manufacturer of quality goods, said the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Earlier this week, the Commerce Ministry presented a dedicated ‘Cyprus Made’ label and logo for local products to boost exports.

The new branding was presented Monday during “Industry Week” by Commerce Minister Natasa Pilides.

However, industry stakeholders feel the ‘inspired’ marketing campaign needs more work on quality control.

In comments to the Financial Mirror, the General Secretary at Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Marios Tsiakkis, said that Cypriot industrialists must ensure that Cypriot products are top-notch.

“We already have a good reputation regarding dairy products, such as our flagship product, Halloumi, vegetables, but also plastics and medicine,” said Tsiakkis.

He explained that businesses would have to take responsibility as the newly launched logo will be used for all products and services across the board.

“What we want to do with the new logo is to create a quality culture.

“We want consumers abroad to feel more confident buying any product with the ‘Cyprus Made’ logo from store shelves.

“Exports of domestic products already rose by almost 50% between 2016 and 2021. We want to build on this.

“The new ‘Cyprus Made’ label is another important tool for the country’s economy, which strengthens the continuous and tireless efforts made in recent years to promote Cypriot products.”

Presenting the logo, Pilides said the positive exports trend remained stable throughout the coronavirus-struck 2020 while recording a 14% increase in 2021.

“All the data we gathered point to a continuous and constant increase of Cypriot exports in the years to come.

“During the first six months of this year, we registered a 21.8% upward trend,” said Pilides.

She said the new ‘Cyprus Made’ label would enhance the competitiveness and recognition of Cypriot products through a strong visual identity, highlighting their uniqueness, quality and authenticity while providing a shield against counterfeiting.

At first, the label will be used for industry-made products, such as medicine, plastics, cosmetics, electronic equipment and handicrafts, such as embroidery and ceramics.

Later it will be extended to cover food products such as dairy produce and wine.

The logo is a composition of triangles, creating the image of Cyprus.

“The triangles composing the logo are arranged so that their corners point in all directions, sending the message that Cypriot products can reach the entire world,” Pilides said.

Authorities are also working on a ‘Cyprus Made’ website serving as a catalogue and map for local products exported abroad.