Global reach of Cypriot pet care app

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A Cypriot start-up is going global, as its idea for an all-in-one pet care application is set to take the animal-loving community by storm.

Nicosia-based 11Pets has attracted funding to take its mobile application to the next level, convincing Gain Venture Studios (GAIN) to increase its participation, becoming a majority shareholder.

Talking to the Financial Mirror, GAIN co-founder Antonis Neocleous said the venture capital, one of the initial investors of 11 Pets, is convinced by the company’s vision to become the leader in providing technology solutions for better care and welfare of pets.

“GAIN, through its increased participation, will further support the growth of the company with resources and know-how, taking the product to the next level,” said Neocleous

The fast-growing company brings together pet owners and families, professionals, accommodation services, and social welfare organisations, such as animal shelters, by providing them with safe and modern technology solutions.

The application can be used for anything in your pet’s daily life, from keeping medical records and veterinarian appointments to ordering their favourite snack or toy to chew away on.

“Before investing in the project, we conducted market research.

“We found that, while there are many applications out there, there is not a single one that brings together all the needs a pet may have.”

He noted that there are dozens of specialised apps to locate a dog trainer or a vet and others to keep records.

“But what 11 Pets does is unique. It brings all of these applications into one.”

Neocleous explained that the app brings together pet owners with the entire pet industry, from dog salons to pet shops.

“The application can be used by vets to access the animals’ records, or to add a record or a prescription.”

The app works more or less like the General Health Scheme’s online portal, where a prescription or a medical record added for a pet will automatically be made available to the owner.

Animal welfare organisations can also use it to contact the public.

“The application offers more than 50 features to cover your pet care needs.”

Neocleous believes the app’s growth could be exponential, as the pet community has been growing, especially during the pandemic when people were confined to their homes.

“11 Pets has grown organically over the past few years as there was a market gap and an increased need for better pet care.

“We decided to enhance our support to accelerate market penetration and to help the company reach its full potential”.

GAIN will focus on the vast US market, with a large pet industry with more tech-savvy people.

“As with our other projects, we want to share our know-how, experiences and expertise so that the final product meets the needs of users and also has a positive impact on society–something that I believe we see being achieved,” said Neocleous.

The 11 Pets application – with over 500,000 downloads — is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

GAIN focuses on sharing knowledge and experience, supporting several start-ups with expertise and financial resources.

When Cyprus is trying to develop its start-up ecosystem, GAIN has already contributed to supporting several companies, in addition to 11pets, such as Serenity, SNAP, Jobalito and Logistaras.