Kyriacos Kiliaris

Project Omonia FC expands to Europe

Omonia Nicosia’s New York-based Cypriot investor Stavros Papastavrou feels vindicated after sticking with his investment in the Greens following a disappointing first season to the Champions League. Following a disappointing 2018-19 season


COVID19: Time for a Green reboot

Coronavirus and shutting down businesses as a result of the lockdown imposed to stem the outbreak is a great opportunity for a Green reboot of Cyprus’ economy and society. Experts and stakeholders

Hefty fine for Cyprus forex firm welcomed

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission’s (CySEC) hefty fine of a forex firm for not complying with financial regulations has been welcomed by the industry as showing the regulator has teeth. The

Cyprus 5G is coming, and it’s safe

With Cyprus 5G technology offering ultra-high internet access speeds through mobile and connected devices, just around the corner, concerns over its implications on human health are growing. In Cyprus, some of its


COVID19: Cyprus shelves kosher export plans

Nicosia announced new measures to help struggling animal breeders after plans to export kosher meat to Israel fell through, due to complications arising from EU law and complexities surrounding the procedure. The


Ottoman shipwreck stirs the waters

A row has broken out between Cyprus Antiquities Department and a British company excavating ancient shipwrecks in the Eastern Mediterranean, over a treasure of artefacts confiscated by Cypriot authorities back in 2015.

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