Kyriacos Kiliaris

Cyprus tax deals to attract investment

Cyprus hopes to attract direct investment after tweaking a Double Taxation Avoidance treaty with Germany, making it harder for foreign firms to set up shell companies on the island. Last week Cyprus


Surviving the day after COVID-19

The day after the pandemic will be more challenging for countries and their economies than fighting the COVID-19 outbreak with technology-shy Cyprus especially struggling, experts told the Financial Mirror. Economists said the

Scarce digital resources to court Big Tech

If Cyprus wants to persuade big tech companies to relocate in the wake of the discredited passport scheme, it needs to invest in skilled labour to cater to these firms’ needs. Stakeholders

Bad Bank would reduce debt mountain

Economists have welcomed the idea of creating a state-owned bad bank to help the banking system offload toxic loans to focus on supporting a battered economy post-pandemic. Bank of Cyprus Financial Research


Strong economic recovery not a given

Cyprus’ economy will start to recover in 2021, however, at a much slower pace than the government predicts with everything riding on the speed of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, analysts told the


Mountain resorts drive rural tourism comeback

Rural Cyprus is in for a serious upgrade as local communities seek to exploit growing investor interest in once-neglected mountain areas, especially post-pandemic. From revamping abandoned hotels to investors looking for ‘glamourous


Construction sector feels the squeeze

Following the demise of Cyprus “golden passports” scheme compounded by coronavirus the construction industry is suffering but has options. The sector is relying on housing developments and offices for companies attracted to


Trademarks not protecting halloumi

Cyprus’ famous cheese is no longer shielded by trademarks, whether in the EU or elsewhere, after losing another legal battle in the Halloumi trade wars, this time to Bulgarian rival BBQloumi. On

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