Family businesses must evolve

Family businesses must evolve to continue being the backbone of Cyprus’ economy, shake off the coronavirus pandemic and deal with the impact of the war in Ukraine. Family firms in Cyprus, accounting

Olivewood gets vote of confidence

Olivewood, Cyprus’ rebranded audiovisual industry, was cast a vote of confidence from big film studios, attracting major productions with award-winning actors to begin filming this month. Shaking off the nightmare after Hollywood


Car sales plunge 80% since 2019

Car dealers are frustrated with their turnover as they are forced to sit back helpless and watch the market crumble. According to the Cyprus Statistical Services data, passenger saloon cars registered in

A melting pot for higher education

Cyprus is becoming a melting for higher education, attracting international universities ready to establish a campus, while local institutions are upgrading their status. One of the most prestigious universities in the region,


High inflation is the future

Economists and authorities in Cyprus are increasingly concerned an inflation surge hitting the island will become a tidal wave, lasting for some years as a “de-globalisation” process is set into motion. Government


Turkish Cypriots march against poverty

Thousands of Turkish Cypriots have taken to the streets, spurred by soaring inflation that has left many struggling to make ends meet, with demonstrators linking the financial demise to the north’s political

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