Property market too tight to mention

Cyprus is facing a housing crisis, as young couples are locked out of the property market by skyrocketing prices, while supply is quickly diminishing due to thousands moving to the island. President


Erdoganomics causing unease

With Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan close to winning Turkey’s runoff election on Sunday, his ruling AKP appears to be split over his economic policies, leading to a massive inflation hike and

CoLA not the answer to beating inflation

Adjusting wages to meet inflation with automatic mechanisms such as the Cost-of-Living Allowance will not solve the real problem of income inequality with low-earners not seeing their earnings improve for a decade,


Erdogan closer than ever to being ousted

Growing dissatisfaction and poverty in Turkish society could give AKP leader the boot Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be facing the most crucial election in his political career on May 14,


New era for crypto with MiCA rules

EU’s MiCA to fill legislative void, but stakeholders still vary over authorities’ stance Entrepreneurs in the island’s booming high-tech and fintech industries have welcomed the passing of an EU directive regulating crypto


Cyprus raises bar for expat retirees

UK expats suffer collateral damage, as permanent residency criteria tightened UK and other non-EU pensioners eyeing a retirement home in Cyprus need to rethink their plans as authorities have raised the bar

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