Skills shortage driving unemployment

Unemployment is rising, with stakeholders in the labour market saying there is a mismatch between vacancies and jobseeker skills, as employers cannot find qualified staff. A recent CyStat survey showed the number


Good year for retailers

Retailers are pleased with footfall in the shops recorded in 2022, especially over the holiday season when consumers headed to stores for their Christmas shopping boosted by their thirteenth salary. Talking to

Turkish Cypriot pro-solution powers revival

Local election results in the north have signalled that pro-solution powers are alive and kicking, as opposition parties overwhelmingly won the majority of mayorships, analysts said. The social democrat Republican Turkish Party

Cyprus uneasy about crypto

Despite news of big cryptocurrency trading platforms casting their vote of confidence in Cyprus, local stakeholders feel differently as they argue the island is unfriendly to crypto businesses. Cyprus’ ambition of becoming

Erdogan’s grip tightening triggers Lira dive

The Turkish Lira dived against the dollar this week as the Turkish state took control following the conviction of Istanbul’s Mayor, the biggest threat to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s 2023 re-election. The

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