Troika returns with long to-do list

International creditors will arrive in Cyprus on Monday in a routine post-memorandum check, ensuring the government’s fiscal strategy is not derailed by COVID and the effects of the war in Ukraine. The


Turkish Cypriots abandoning the north

A growing number of Turkish Cypriots are leaving the island, as the worsening economic situation in the Turkey-occupied north combined with a standstill in peace negotiations has crushed hopes of a brighter

Cypriot families rely on food banks

The abrupt increase in the cost of living is becoming unbearable for an ever-growing number of Cypriot families, who are turning to charitable organisations to meet their basic needs. Limassol-based charity Yellow


Big halloumi sell-off

This weekend is consumers’ last chance to buy halloumi at discounted prices at supermarkets, as dairy producers offload their last batches of the squeaky cheese that do not comply with the EU

High energy prices here to stay

Cypriot consumers will have to get used to living with high energy costs for the foreseeable future as failure to decarbonise the economy has authorities paying tens of millions of euros for

Cypriot scientists changing the world

Cyprus Seeds, a non-profit organisation working on getting world-changing ideas from Cypriot scientists out of the lab and onto the market, is looking to focus on climate change. Following two successful rounds

Cyprus can’t satisfy EU gas needs

The latest gas find off Cyprus is insufficient for Nicosia to join the EU’s energy plans to become less reliant on Russian supplies, as Moscow threatens to turn off the taps, says

More failed asylum seekers being returned

Authorities are stepping up efforts to repatriate failed asylum seekers to alleviate pressure on reception centres and social welfare. According to police data, this year (up until August 19), 3,680 foreign nationals

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