Updated hospital IT systems in 2 years

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Minister of Research and Digital Policy Kyriacos Kokkinos announced that in 24 months, the upgraded computerisation of public hospitals would be completed with an integrated health information system.

Kokkinos said that this system is being implemented at a time when the transition to digital reality is a priority in all sectors and a necessity for development, sustainability and competitiveness.

He described the health sector as a crucial pillar with people in its centre, adding that adapting to the new environment requires immediate redesign and urgent implementation of structural changes at all levels.

According to the Deputy Minister, this new system will ensure fair access to quality medical services for all citizens. In addition, it will meet the needs of both public and private health providers.

He said the new system would also contribute to the optimisation of the organisation and operation of public hospitals, offering increased efficiency and productivity and saving valuable human resources.

Kokkinos also pointed out the project is one of the three main reform projects which the state and the Deputy Ministry have put a lot of effort into implementing.

Chairman of OKYpY, the state health services organisation Marios Panayides said it was a milestone adding that the new system will replace the outdated one currently in public hospitals and allow flexibility and efficiency in services.

Panayides also said that OKYpY would be transformed into a modern organisation with financial autonomy and an upgraded system.

At an estimated cost of €46 mln, it is one of the largest IT projects in Cyprus.

When the system is up and running, the aim is to serve the patients quickly and more efficiently.