Cyprus looking at Finland’s innovative cancer care

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Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela is in Finland for exploratory talks with the ultimate goal of signing a memorandum of cooperation to send cancer patients to Finland to receive Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.

Hadjipantela discussed the matter with Finland’s Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services, Aki Lindén.

The two ministers agreed to start exploratory talks for a memorandum of cooperation for sending patients to Finland to receive this new treatment.

The development of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in Primary Health Care and eHealth was also discussed.

Establishing bilateral cooperation in these fields was decided for a memorandum of understanding.

While in Finland, Hadjipantela visited the first inpatient unit in the world offering Boron Neutron Capture Therapy, whose operation is expected to start in March 2023.

At the stage of clinical trials, this cancer treatment technique uses innovative technology with promising results in treating head and neck cancers.

He also visited the HUS Comprehensive Cancer Center, where he was briefed by its director and research staff on the innovative methods applied in Finland to treat cancer.

On Friday, Hadjipantela visited the Health Incubator Helsinki and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) is an emerging treatment to improve the therapeutic ratio for traditionally difficult-to-treat tumours.

It represents an emerging targeted therapy with promising results and acceptable toxicity in early clinical studies.

But, further future research is necessary to define the role of BNCT in clinical practice.