EU energy model must change 

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The EU’s energy model must change to focus on renewable energy, expanding green energy infrastructure, and improving interconnections said European Parliament President Roberta Metsola.

She told the newspaper Phileleftheros: “We definitely need to untie ourselves from Russian energy, but it will take time because Russia has gone from being one of our main energy suppliers to a threat to democracy and everything the EU stands for”.

Asked whether the Eastern Mediterranean gas findings can be used, she said Brussels needs to reach out to all potential partners who can offer a sustainable supply of natural gas at reasonable prices.

“Eastern Mediterranean countries are undoubtedly among the potential partners.”

The EP President envisions the EU “bigger, safer, stronger and more united, creating opportunities for its citizens.

“I would also like it to become more equal and fairer, especially for women and younger people.

“And at the same time greener and more autonomous in terms of energy”.

Referring to the EU’s response to the Ukraine war, she said: “How we responded to the illegal invasion of Ukraine and how we must continue to respond is the cornerstone of our values.

“The unity and determination of our response has confused our critics and made us feel proud to be European.

“The European Parliament will always fight for a stronger Europe and for all that Europe stands for, values like freedom, democracy, the rule of law, justice, solidarity and equal opportunities for all,” said Metsola.