Heatwave over, summer showers forecast

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After seeing maximum temperatures consistently hitting 40 degrees Celsius for two weeks, Cyprus has been given a respite from a heatwave gripping the island since 24 July.

From Monday, maximum temperatures will drop below the average 39°C for the season as a low-pressure system surrounds the island.

Temperatures are expected to drop to around 35°C during the week, with a good chance of some showers.

During the last few days, an increased level of discomfort was experienced as humidity reached close to 40%, well above the average of 15% to 20% for August.

Cypriots had no escape from the heat, as temperatures in the mountains hovered over 30°C last week.

Temperatures on Monday will drop to 37 degrees inland, around 32-34°C on the coast, and 27°C in the higher mountains.

Night temperatures will drop to 22°C inland, 23-24°C on the coast and 16°C on higher ground.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather will be mostly clear, with cloudy at times, and a high possibility of local showers, mainly inland and in the mountains.

Cyprus has endured higher than usual temperatures for the past two weeks, with the Met Office arguing that this year’s summer is nothing out of the usual.

“We haven’t seen the very high temperatures that we’ve seen in previous years, which was over 42-43°C degrees Celsius,” Met officer Michalis Mouskos told the Cyprus News Agency last week.

“We have been experiencing a mild summer with temperatures close to the seasonal average (39°C)”.

Mouskos said mid-July to mid-August is the hottest time of the year.

“Compared to previous summers, we cannot say that this summer is particularly hot or that there’s something that we have not seen before.”