Cyprus-Israel expand health cooperation

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Cyprus and Israel seek to widen their health cooperation when dealing with emergencies and natural disasters, including organ transplantation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela and his Israeli counterpart Nitzan Horowitz discussed long-term cooperation in medical matters and patient treatment.

And an agreement could be signed this summer.

They agreed that Cyprus and Israel would transfer patients from either country to hospitals during an emergency.

The Israeli Health Ministry suggested storage areas, where they would jointly keep equipment to use in such an emergency.

The two ministers also discussed ways to activate an agreement on organ transplantations, benefiting patients from both countries.

Hadjipantela said Tuesday: “We decided that both countries follow a close cooperation and we will frequently ask for exchange of information”.

The aim is to effectively manage a possible new pandemic wave.

Israeli Health Minister Horowitz said the two countries share “common values, common interest and strategy”.

He said discussions were “in the fields of emergency services, dealing with natural disasters – such as earthquakes, fires or security problems – in terms of medical and health responses to emergency situations”.

“Both countries share a good tradition of cooperation, and I think we have a lot in common to develop in the future.”

Israel has one of the most technologically advanced and highest-quality healthcare systems globally and ranks sixth in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation.