Cyprus-Estonia update digital cooperation

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Cyprus and Estonia signed Friday an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in digital cooperation as Nicosia forges ahead with e-governance.

During the official visit President Nicos Anastasiades is paying to Estonia, the signing occurred.

Anastasiades and the Estonian Prime Minister signed the updated MoU in digital cooperation, a field in which the government attributes great significance since a large part of the “Cyprus-Tomorrow” project includes policies on the digital transition.

The MoU aims to enhance the efforts of the Cyprus government in implementing the reforms of digital transition and includes new fields of cooperation and expertise provision in digital transformation and reforming the Population Registry and Social Insurance Department, developing a framework for cyber security and improving the life cycle of digital public services.

Before, the President met with Prime Minister Kaja Kallas in Tallinn at her office.

After their private meeting, expanded talks took place between delegations of the two countries.

They discussed their bilateral relations, developments in the Cyprus problem, the situation in Ukraine, the migration issue, energy security, the EU-Turkey relations, and green and digital transition.

After the meeting, the President and the Cypriot delegation visited the premises of the CybExer Technologies company, which deals with cyber security issues.

Estonia is considered a pioneer of e-government and is recognised as the world’s most advanced digital society.