Nicosia says EU must be united against Russian aggression

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Europe should remain united in condemning Russian aggression and keep applying pressure to make Moscow change its behaviour, President Nicos Anastasiades said during his trip to Estonia.

He urged the EU to assume a more active role, so diplomatic means prevail to secure a cease-fire to end the tragic loss of innocent lives, including children.

In a toast on Thursday evening, at the official dinner by the President of Estonia Alar Karis in Tallinn, Anastasiades hoped for rapid restoration of peace in Europe.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine does have and will continue to have profound consequences for the future of European security.”

He also said that a renewed architecture would certainly be required to protect Europe’s security and defend its values ​​in the years ahead.

President Anastasiades said bilateral cooperation is based on values and principles, with the utmost respect for international law.

“Ensuring respect for international law becomes even more imperative under the light of the unjustifiable Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Parallels between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974 – and its continuing occupation – are staggering.

“Cypriots, being victims of the Turkish military occupation and its tragic consequences, fully share the need to display practical solidarity and support to the Ukrainian people.

During his toast, the President said that bilateral relations with Estonia have traditionally been excellent and developed based on concrete substance and shared values and beliefs of peace, democracy and justice.

He said the government desires to work towards the further enhancement of bilateral ties in fields such as investments, trade, tourism, education, health and research and development and to explore new fields of cooperation.

“I am truly pleased that the new MoU on e-governance & Information and Communication Technologies aims at making our already existing collaboration in digital matters more comprehensive and productive.”