COVID19: Over 60s take up fourth jab

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More than 900 people aged 60 and over were vaccinated with the fourth dose against COVID-19 when the first day the rollout was launched, the Health Ministry said.

Ministry spokesperson Constantinos Athanasiou told the Cyprus News Agency that since March 30, when the booster dose was available for people over 70, more than 8,000 people had been vaccinated.

Last month a fourth jab was also available for people living or working in nursing homes and immunodeficient or immunosuppressed patients.

According to Athanassiou, the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine was administered to 8,211 people from the end of March.

On Tuesday, the fourth shot was open to those 60 or over, and a total of 911 people got jabbed.

Athanasiou said there was a drop in new cases and the treatment of hospital patients with COVID-19.

To date, 74.1% of the general population is fully vaccinated against the virus.