Nicosia welcomes Russia’s denial of consulate in north

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Nicosia is satisfied that Russia has refuted reports as ‘untrue’ it is establishing a consulate in the Turkish occupied north of the island.

Russian ambassador Stanislav Osadchiy issued a statement denying the rumours in the Greek media but said the embassy was looking to assist Russian nationals living in the north.

“Within the scope of our stance on the Cyprus problem, Russia is exploring possibilities to assist thousands of Russian citizens who reside in the territories over which the government of the Republic of Cyprus does not exercise effective control.

“All our steps in this direction are coordinated with the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus,” the Russian embassy said.

It said several countries conducted similar services in the north.

Government spokesperson Marios Pelekanos said Nicosia was satisfied the Russian Embassy confirmed its position.

“It is also noted there is no issue of proceeding to any action or any contact with the illegal regime, while they make clear there is no intention by them to recognise any other authorities apart from the Republic of Cyprus.

“There are many Russian citizens living in the occupied areas…an issue raised in the past,”.

Pelekanos said, “it is a fact that for years now, there are some states, like the UK, the USA, and Australia, that operate citizen service points but have no institutional relationship with the illegal regime.”

He underlined that these are not official consulates but citizen service points with no official institutional form or relation with the pseudostate.