Putin’s power play

Vladimir Putin has much to be proud of. He has restored Russia as a first-class military power and, although per capita income at just above $10,000 (2020) leaves much to be desired,


Russia-Turkey strange bedfellows

For Cyprus, the Russian-Turkish relations have a particular interest for two reasons. First, because of the positive stance of Russia on the Cyprus problem, which annoys Turkey, and second, because of the


COVID19: Russia plans to lift ban on chartered flights

Russia will gradually lift flight restrictions as their epidemiological data improves, Deputy Transport Minister Dmitry Zverev told Cypriot officials on Friday. Zverev told his Cypriot counterpart Yiannis Karousos and Deputy Minister of

Russia ‘jamming’ RAF jets over Cyprus

Russia has allegedly tried to jam signals in an act of electronic warfare against British aircraft taking off from RAF Akrotiri, outside Limassol, UK media reports claim. Military intelligence sources said a

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