Turkish side expands Varosha opening

Turkish occupation forces have started work to open up a new area along the beachfront of fenced-off Varosha, a sign the breakaway north is aiming to resettle the resort despite international condemnation.

Human trafficking thrives in divided Cyprus

Cyprus’ frozen conflict is providing fertile ground for human traffickers with cases at “alarming” levels in the EU member state, and the breakaway north considered as bad as Afghanistan. “I love her,

Essential goods more expensive in north

Turkish Cypriots are enduring one of their worst financial crises in recent years, with inflation officially hitting 83.94% in March, turning essential goods into luxury items that carry a price tag much

COVID19: Daily cases in north hit record 1,001

COVID-19 cases in the occupied north of the island have exploded to unprecedented heights, with Turkish Cypriot health authorities reporting four-digit daily infections for the first time. Some 1,001 new COVID-19 cases

Government supplying north with electricity

The Cyprus government will continue to supply the Turkish-occupied north with electricity until 4 January to prevent power outages. CNA said that a request was made on Wednesday after the previous agreement between

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