COVID19: Cases are falling but still high

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Despite daily COVID-19 cases remaining high, Cyprus epidemiological indicators have recorded a significant improvement in the past fortnight, according to Friday’s report issued by the Health Ministry.

According to the surveillance report, in the past 14 days (March 29 to April 11), 40,795 cases were identified, down from 59,800 cases in the previous period of March 15 to 28 – a decline of 31%.

The island’s 14-day notification rate stands at 4,594 per 100,000 population, down from 6,734 per 100,000 population reported in the previous report.

However, it is still higher than the rate recorded a month ago when it was 3,771.

Overall, as of April 11, a total of 457,257 COVID-19 cases were registered, and 986 deaths were linked directly to the virus (case fatality risk: 0.2%). The previous death toll was 933.

The median age of reported coronavirus patients was 37, and the median age of those who died from COVID was 79.

On April 13, 184 people with COVID-19 were treated in state hospital wards. Twelve patients are being treated in an ICU, of which nine are intubated.

The median age of hospitalised patients with COVID-19 was 82. Twenty cases (15.6%) still hospitalised have comorbidities.

The median age of these ICU patients is 69 years; eight patients are males (72.7%).

Over the last 14 days, 41,857 PCR and 970,320 rapid antigen tests were performed at a rate of 4,713.6 PCR and 109,270.3 rapid antigen tests per 100,000 population.

Along with cases reported on Thursday, the total of COVID-19 infections stands at 464,204.

Four more deaths were announced on Thursday night, pushing the overall number to 988.