COVID19: Experts see no need for fourth jab

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Cyprus health experts are not convinced over the necessity of a second booster shot against COVID-19 while urging the authorities to keep a tight leash on restrictive measures.

Dr George Panos, a government COVID team member, told the Cyprus News Agency there is no compelling evidence to support administrating a second booster shot to immunocompromised patients.

He argued the rollout of a second booster shot in Israel had not yielded “spectacular” results, explaining that immunocompromised patients are not in a position to produce antibodies with ease.

Panos said that if it is decided to administer the fourth dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, the general population should be vaccinated to protect the immunosuppressed people living among them.

He also argued that a rollout of a second booster shot should only be done with vaccines designed for the Omicron and Delta variants.

However, the government advisor argued that getting an annual vaccination against COVID-19 will be necessary moving forward.

Panos said he would not suggest further relaxations, as the virus is widespread.

On Wednesday, health authorities reported 2,866, with a positivity rate of 3.66%.

Scientists say the high transmissibility of the virus is attributable to the Omicron 2 variant and the relaxation of measures.

“Measures are being relaxed, and people feel that it is safe to let their guard down and take off their masks,” said Dr Panos.

“The pandemic is far from over. The virus has yet to move into an endemic stage.

“The World Health Organization has not said anything like that and has not called the end of the pandemic.

“The pandemic is not over until the WHO, the FDA and the European agencies say so.”